Ningbo city kiston Precision Machinery Co Ltd
*The world's leading manufacturer, precision machinery
  Ningbo kiston Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., the spirit of "precision machinery manufacturing" the world's leading concept, we actively promote the globalization of product development, striving for high technology based on the intellectual property developed enterprise. At the same time, we enrich the production, sales, maintenance, after-sales service system at home and abroad, in the promotion of CS (customer satisfaction) on the basis of the global promotion.
*Market demand
  Computers, household appliances, communication machines, stereos, optical products, vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, etc.)... In every field of life and industry, many indispensable machines are needed. We have studied and developed the stamping machines used in the production of precision metal forming parts for many years. In order to meet the requirements of complex shape parts and high precision parts processing. Especially in the careful treatment of skills, design development, pay attention to listen to and fully realize the user's every request, and thus obtain the widespread trust of customers. At the same time, we have also achieved international quality ISO9001 certification, to ensure that the quality of products in the world class level.
*Technical capability
  We continue to update, more difficult to challenge, relying on strong manufacturing technology capabilities, developed both safety and high performance, high reliability punch.
We developed the punch not only in the design technology, but also in the processing technology, assembly technology and other aspects of the production of strict quality management, and then realize commercialization.

*Honor & Certificate
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