Ningbo city kiston Precision Machinery Co Ltd
       Ningbo kiston Precision Machinery Co.Ltd. is a professional production of punching machine manufacturers. The company spirit of "precision manufacturing machine" the world's leading concept, we actively promote the punching, forging machinery, press machine, precision punching, high-speed punching machine, steel punching machine, high performance machine rack, feeding machine, leveling machine products such as the development of globalization, striving for high technology based on the intellectual property developed enterprise.   
   The company has a strong technical force, in the design technology, and in the processing technology, assembly technology and other aspects of the production of strict quality management, and then realize commercialization. As a comprehensive manufacturer of stamping technology, it will continue to challenge in terms of technology upgrading, quality improvement and career expansion.   
  At the same time, we enrich the production, sales, maintenance, after-sales service system at home and abroad, in the promotion of CS (customer satisfaction) on the basis of the global promotion.

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